Sunday, May 30, 2010


Happy three day weekend!  I worked every day this past week, including Saturday, so I was so happy to have today off....and I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow.  Saw Sex and the City 2 on Thursday.  Wasn't impressed but it was entertaining I guess.  What did you guys think?  I would love to find a white dress like the one Carrie is wearing in the first scene.  For now though, I think I'll stick with a white tee.  This is definitely my summer uniform.
I never thought I would wear a scarf like this but when I saw it over at Ascot Friday I decided to try it out.  I'm glad I did!  It covered up my bad hair day and added some color.  The one I'm wearing belonged to my Grandma-she let me raid her scarf collection last fall.  (And she gave me a vintage Hermes scarf for Christmas last year!)  I also just picked one up at an estate sale for $2 and will definitely wear it soon.  I got this necklace at the same estate sale for $1. Awesome.
shirt and jeans-j crew

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Joe and I are about to have our 4th year anniversary and we decided to pick out our own gifts this time around.  It's just easier!  Joe is getting a watch and I picked these shoes by Jeffrey Campbell.  I am in love!  I know, I know...they look a lot like the clogs from a few posts ago but I neeeeed these!

Monday, May 24, 2010

lazy monday?

I don't know about you, but I am still in weekend mode.  Why does it have to be Monday?  Four more days!!  Sorry for the quick post--gotta run!
shoes-piperlime, jeans-j crew, tank tops, scarf, purse-h&m, cardigan, ring-forever 21, necklaces-lucky and vintage

Friday, May 21, 2010

like lightning

It is officially weekend time!  I first just want to say that, while I know it may sound silly, I am so excited about already having 4 followers!  I will always remember you guys as my first and your support means more than you know.  It took me a long time to get up the courage to start this blog and you have no idea what it means to see that you guys like what you see so far!  Thanks!!  I'll try and keep it up.   

I don't like how these pictures turned out but wanted to get a post in before the weekend. I think I'll stick to the whole not-smiling-thing.  I look like an amateur.  I do love this field though. I spotted it while driving home the other day. It's only about 30 seconds from my house. Isn't it funny how you can make it look like you are somewhere really pretty even though you are only steps away from a busy road?  Anyway, I wore this outfit to work and to get sushi with one of my best friends from high school.  So fun!  See if you can guess where I work after seeing where some of these items came from! 

cardigan, shirt, jeans-j crew, shoes-target, necklaces-vintage

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

you'll be seeing me

Happy Tuesday!  Today my sister Darbee and I went to the Oregon District which is an area in our city that houses small bars, restaurants, the tiniest, cutest movie theatre ever, and shops (including my favorite vintage place called Feathers!). 

First we stopped in Feathers and got a record and some sunglasses.  My sister now wants a record player and might be making another trip downtown to buy the one they had in the store.  Then we roamed around until we found a good spot for pictures.  When we came upon this wall of branches Darbee said it was the perfect place...and I think she was right....

These jeans are perfect.  I love the wash and the length...they are actually supposed to be a cropped length but since I'm so short (about 5'1) they look like ankle jeans.  I love when I can get out of taking jeans to get hemmed.  The jacket is also one of my favorite new things-the print is so romantic.  And I love how it was offset by the wooden clogs and the background. 

tank-h&m, jeans, jacket, necklace- jcrew, shoes-jeffrey campbell

I have been wearing these shoes since March and I still can't get enough of them.  I can't stop picturing them with every outfit from the lookbook for Alexa Chung for Madewell.  Cannot wait for Fall. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

the way you look tonight

I guess I'm cheating by not posting anything from this week but I am still sorting through my pictures from Chicago! Saturday morning we got up early, got breakfast, and headed to Navy Pier. My boyfriend, Joe, was so excited because we went on a boat tour. (And if we're being honest I was really excited too because I am a biology nerd and took a class on rivers and lakes this past semester)  The tickets were really cheap and we got to go on a 30 minute cruise out on the lake. It was called the "Skyline Tour" because they told us all about the landmarks on the Chicago skyline. It was really fun but absolutely freezing. We could see our breath!

There was another boat ride offered called the "Architecture Tour" and that was an hour cruise down the river.  I really wanted to switch our tickets to that because there is a scene in My Best Friend's Wedding when the characters are on a boat ride just like that on the river in the middle of the city!  Anyone know the scene I'm talking about?  See the title of the post for a hint at what happens during that scene.  Anyway...we obviously had to ride the Ferris wheel before leaving.  We are such tourists.  Oh, well.

As you can see in this next picture, I wore sandals on this particular day and it was the biggest mistake ever.  I was regretting it all day!  After we left Navy Pier we walked up and down Michigan Avenue all afternoon and I couldn't wait to get home and put big, comfy socks on.  It was the only day we took cabs instead of the train!  I guess I should wear uncomfortable shoes more often so we can take cabs..hmm....

cardigan-forever 21, shirt-urban outfitters, jeans-j crew, shoes-michael kors, bag-h&m, scarf-rudys roundup

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Friday night in Chicago we ate at a tapas restaurant called Cafe Ba Ba Reeba.  My cousin told us its very "trendy" to eat tapas so we gave it a shot.  It ended up being really fun, and cheap, and good!  I will definitely be going back! 
Can you tell I was excited that my shirt matched the color on the pole here?  haha....This station is by my sisters school and they have a contest that students can enter to get their haiku poems put up on the poles.  How cool is that?  She entered for next year so you may see another one of these pictures one day. 

blazer-urban outfitters, shirt-forever 21, jeans-j crew, shoes- target, bag-h&m, necklaces-vintage and forever 21

The shirt I'm wearing here was only like $12 from Forever 21. Don't you just love good deals? I wanted to wear it on its own but the Chicago weather stopped me. Can't wait for summer temperatures!

Monday, May 10, 2010

is life just a playground?

The inevitable first post.  Let's skip the intro and go straight for the good stuff, shall we?  This past weekend my boyfriend and I drove to Chicago to visit my little sister, Darbee, who you will probably meet very soon. 

We got there Friday at around 2, dropped our bags, and headed for Wicker Park.  When I asked Darbee what to bring she said skinny jeans, florals, and boots.  You will soon find out my outfit for Friday afternoon is the only outfit that fits that description.  Oops. 
We went for lunch at Earwax Cafe (really cool place if you are ever in Chicago), walked around for a few hours, and took the train back to get ready for dinner. 

jacket-urban outfitters, shirt-forever 21, jeans-j.crew, boots-a'gaci, bag-tory burch, cuff-greenheart