Monday, July 5, 2010

currently obsessing

I am obsessed with The Phantom of the Opera.  The national tour came through my city and I went to see it four times...I'm sorry I'm not sorry-it is amazing.  These are some of the outfits I wore to see it.  I don't have any of me alone in the second outfit but you get the idea.  I like the first one better-probably because I had longer than 15 minutes to decide what I was wearing.  Although, the second one was more comfortable.  And it gave me an excuse to wear a huge, gold, vintage necklace I found last year that I never wear.  It's the little things guys. 

outfit 1-dress-francescas, shoes-jeffrey campbell, belt-forever 21, ring-jcrew
outfit 2-dress-lilly pulitzer, shoes-piperlime

Monday, June 14, 2010

hello boys

I'm baaaaack.  Did I mention I'm applying to dental school?  Well, I am applying to dental school and my application opened a week or so ago.  I have been working non-stop since it opened and I am happy to say I finished it!  Now I have time for blogging again.  Sorry for the vacation. 

My sister, Avalee, took these pictures and would NOT stop asking me to take her picture.  Well....
....guess who won that argument?
I have three sisters so you will probably see more of them.  Bye for now!
mine outfit: sandals: michael kors, jeans-jcrew, shirt/purse-forever 21, cuff-greenheart
her outfit: sandals/shirt/sandals-forever 21, necklace-vintage

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

forever young

Tonight was my little sisters 8th grade graduation!  Congratulations Avalee-you are one of the three best little sisters ever!  Yes, I have three little sisters (and one little brother!).  Anyway, below is what I wore to the ceremony.  I have been wearing this jacket with dresses and frilly little tanks and I love how it looks.  I bought it last fall for $16.99.  Why is was on sale I will never understand but I'm not complaining. 
clogs-jeffrey campbell, dress-urban outfitters, jacket-forever 21, necklace-vintage

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Happy three day weekend!  I worked every day this past week, including Saturday, so I was so happy to have today off....and I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow.  Saw Sex and the City 2 on Thursday.  Wasn't impressed but it was entertaining I guess.  What did you guys think?  I would love to find a white dress like the one Carrie is wearing in the first scene.  For now though, I think I'll stick with a white tee.  This is definitely my summer uniform.
I never thought I would wear a scarf like this but when I saw it over at Ascot Friday I decided to try it out.  I'm glad I did!  It covered up my bad hair day and added some color.  The one I'm wearing belonged to my Grandma-she let me raid her scarf collection last fall.  (And she gave me a vintage Hermes scarf for Christmas last year!)  I also just picked one up at an estate sale for $2 and will definitely wear it soon.  I got this necklace at the same estate sale for $1. Awesome.
shirt and jeans-j crew

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Joe and I are about to have our 4th year anniversary and we decided to pick out our own gifts this time around.  It's just easier!  Joe is getting a watch and I picked these shoes by Jeffrey Campbell.  I am in love!  I know, I know...they look a lot like the clogs from a few posts ago but I neeeeed these!

Monday, May 24, 2010

lazy monday?

I don't know about you, but I am still in weekend mode.  Why does it have to be Monday?  Four more days!!  Sorry for the quick post--gotta run!
shoes-piperlime, jeans-j crew, tank tops, scarf, purse-h&m, cardigan, ring-forever 21, necklaces-lucky and vintage

Friday, May 21, 2010

like lightning

It is officially weekend time!  I first just want to say that, while I know it may sound silly, I am so excited about already having 4 followers!  I will always remember you guys as my first and your support means more than you know.  It took me a long time to get up the courage to start this blog and you have no idea what it means to see that you guys like what you see so far!  Thanks!!  I'll try and keep it up.   

I don't like how these pictures turned out but wanted to get a post in before the weekend. I think I'll stick to the whole not-smiling-thing.  I look like an amateur.  I do love this field though. I spotted it while driving home the other day. It's only about 30 seconds from my house. Isn't it funny how you can make it look like you are somewhere really pretty even though you are only steps away from a busy road?  Anyway, I wore this outfit to work and to get sushi with one of my best friends from high school.  So fun!  See if you can guess where I work after seeing where some of these items came from! 

cardigan, shirt, jeans-j crew, shoes-target, necklaces-vintage